yearly Arabski

‏نشرة سنوية‏
‏عامي، كل سنة، سنوي‏
‏سنويا، كل عام‏

Przykładowe zdania

Cavidea monitors yearly food consumption behaviour. From May 2013 to May 2014, food consumption fell by 6%.
(Voice of America)
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But, this is a yearly chart and we're only looking for the major Fibnodes.
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Dapper became the first release to slip from the half-yearly time frame.
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Here you tell me Gogol receives a yearly allowance and was sent abroad.
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I just suggest that you do this weekly instead yearly of yearly.
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I visit the city yearly.
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I would not bind myself to allow them any thing yearly.
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The yearly luncheon raised a significant sum for the upkeep and maintenance of the park.
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Your yearly allowance shall be paid to you all at once straight into your hands.
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We have a fair number of factories, even for linen production, which bring a million to a million and a half yearly.
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without missing a year: annually, each year, every year
occurring or payable twice each year: biyearly, semiannual, biannual, periodic, periodical
every half year, every six months
occurring or payable every year: annual, periodical, periodic
a reference book that is published regularly once every year: book of facts, reference, reference work, annual, reference book, almanac, farmer's calendar, ephemeris, yearbook

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