aliveness Hiszpanski

s. vitalidad; vivacidad

Przykładowe zdania

It's just that... ...there's a certain aliveness about you.
Es sólo que... ...hay una cierta vitalidad en ti.
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We ran what we call "aliveness check."
Realizamos lo que nosotros llamamos "una inspección de vitalidad".
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Aliveness is the gift offered by the speaker to those who would receive it.
El sentir existencia es el regalo del orador, ofrecido a todos aquellos que lo reciban.
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the property of being animated; having animal life as distinguished from plant life: liveness, sentience, animateness, vitality, nonliving, animation, physiological property, animate, non-living, inanimate
the condition of living or the state of being alive: living, life, life eternal, beingness, being, survival, alive, live, animation, dead, skin, existence, eternal life, endurance

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