gourd Hiszpanski

s. calabaza, ayote, calabacera, calabacino

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Another, fifteen years old, would offer him a gourd filled with the bitter liquid and a silver pipe with which to sip it... A grandchild, perhaps, he wasn't sure.
Otra de quince años le ofrecía la calabacita de amargo líquido, con su canuto de plata para sorber. Una nieta tal vez, aunque él no estaba seguro.
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And so he passed the afternoons, silent and sluggish, drinking gourd after gourd of shrub tea, surrounded by families who stared at him with admiration and fear.
Y así pasaba las tardes, inmóvil y silencioso, tomando mate tras mate, rodeado de familias que le contemplaban con admiración y miedo.
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He let me drink from his gourd, and presently, he led me to his sheepfold in a hollow in the plain.
Me dejó beber de su jícaro... ...y en seguida me llevó a su redil... ...en una hondonada en la llanura.
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Sometimes I wake up cradling a gourd.
Algunas veces me despierto arropando una calabaza.
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Above: The restaurant, Kusukusu, serves awamori, a distilled alcohol from Okinawa, and local cuisine like the deep-fried fish and sautéed goya bitter gourd pictured here.
Superior: El restaurante, Kusukusu, sirve awamori, bebida alcohólica destilada originaria de Okinawa, y especialidades locales, como pescado frito y calabaza amarga salteada goya, en la foto.
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The Magic Gourd can carry the child up to the sky.
La calabaza mágica puede llevar niños al cielo.
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You're out of your gourd, Humpy.
Usted está fuera de su calabaza, Humpy.
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Okay, he's zonked out of his gourd, and he's still playing with words.
Vale, está hecho polvo, y aún está jugando con las palabras.
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There's not an exact translation, but it's a large, Mexican gourd-like vegetable.
No hay una traducción exacta pero es grande, como una gran calabaza mexicana.
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Did the beggar carry a bamboo pole with a gourd fixed to its top?
¿Llevaba el mendigo una caña de bambú... con una calabaza en el extremo?
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bottle made from the dried shell of a bottle gourd: calabash, bottle
any of numerous inedible fruits with hard rinds: fruit, calabash
any vine of the family Cucurbitaceae that bears fruits with hard rinds: squirting cucumber, vine, Lagenaria siceraria, buffalo gourd, melon vine, prairie gourd vine, gourd vine, calabazilla, gourd family, melon, prairie gourd, bottle gourd, Cucurbita foetidissima, exploding cucumber, touch-me-not, balsam pear, balsam apple, Cucurbitaceae, Momordica charantia, calabash, wild pumpkin, Ecballium elaterium, family Cucurbitaceae, Missouri gourd, Momordica balsamina

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