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1. (general) santé d'esprit; discernement (m); bon sens (m) 2. (facultad mental) jugement (m)
3. (inteligencia) raison (f) 4. (general) bon sens (m); sens commun; jugement (m)
5. (crítica) jugement (m) 6. (derecho) cause (f); affaire (f); procès (m)

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This is the path we have to follow. As Mr Barón Crespo said, quoting Manzoni: 'Adelante ' but 'con juicio ' , 'Go on, carefully' .
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Besides Tudela's Catedral front door ("puerta del Juicio"), near the Museum - Palace Decanal in the historic old part of the city you can find this tourist information office. It is called: "Punto de Encuentro" (meeting point).
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