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1. (rosto) sérieux 2. (mudança) important
3. (importância) considérable; très important; capital; sérieux; important 4. (grau) grave; sérieux
5. (grave) grave; sérieux 6. (comportamento) sérieux; modéré; tempéré; posé

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Best Short Film: Banana Rossa by Paolo Zucca, Fare bene Mikles by Christian Angeli, Maria Jesus by Massimiliano and Gianluca De Serio.
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He points out, however, the existence since September 2004 (and confirmed in February 2005) of a return fare equivalent to €140 offered by Carpatair on the Timisoara - Orio al Serio route.
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On their arrival in England from Orio al Serio airport they were stopped at passport control.
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At the confluence of the rivers Adda and Serio, over the past few decades the aquifer has been contaminated by various substances.
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