palo Francuski

1. (metallo - legno) poteau (m) 2. (recinto) palis (m); pieu (m)
3. (legno) perche (f); piquet (m); poteau (m); pieu (m); jalon (m) 4. (elettricità) pylône (m)
5. (costruzione) pilotis (m)

Przykładowe zdania

Another thing that you should know about flamenco is that there exist various different palos.
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In short, palos are subcategories.
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Engelbart decided to do the live demonstration with a colleague at ARC in Palo Alto, participating remotely to boot.
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Does he look like he works out at Bally Total Fitness in Palo Alto, California?
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I went from living in a house with five guys in Palo Alto and living off their leftovers, to all of a sudden having all kinds of resources.
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His name was Palo, we were both in the Legislative Youth Program.
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Louis Palo was killed in the parking lot in Las Vegas.
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Louis Palo was thief but he was ours.
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Listen, man... what happened last night is the work of Palo Monte... the black arts.
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My name is Romuska Palo Ul Laputa.
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1. pilone
2. asta: pertica, stanga, antenna, pennone, piolo, sostegno, puntello, palanca, trave
3. traversa
4. seme
5. complice: basista

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